Root Canal Therapy in Humboldt, IA

Do you have an infected or badly decayed tooth? You may need root canal therapy to save your tooth. If you are interested in safe and effective root canal therapy near you, call the experts at NorthPark Family Dentistry right away. Our experienced dentists in Humboldt, IA, ensure that you will receive the care you need for a healthier smile.

Our knowledgeable and experienced dentists near you have years of education and training to provide you with the very best dental treatment. You can also look forward to our dedicated staff working hard to ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable during your procedure.

If you are ready to meet with our accomplished dentists in Humboldt, IA, we invite you to call NorthPark Family Dentistry today. We will happily schedule you with a consultation to discuss the best treatment plan for your needs.

What Is It?

When your tooth becomes infected, root canal therapy is needed to safely remove the pulp and nerve. Infections can occur as a result of trauma or decay. As such, you need professional attention to ensure that your infection is handled properly.

To repair your infected tooth, a special compound is used that fills in the hollow area that once held your nerve ending. This procedure not only relieves you of any pain, but it also prevents any infection from spreading throughout your body.

This is extremely important, as spreading infection can lead to life-threatening health complications. If you believe you have a tooth infection, you must seek dental attention immediately. At NorthPark Family Dentistry, we will provide the care you need to ensure your health and safety.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Root canal treatment typically takes around 2 hours. In some cases, a patient may need to have other dental work completed to allow for safe and effective root canal therapy.

Many people believe that root canals are painful, but the actual procedure is rather painless. When our dentists have sufficiently numbed your mouth, they will perform your root canal therapy quickly and efficiently to ensure that your infection doesn’t spread.

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